Buildings & Estates Zone

The Buildings & Estates Zone is home to the biggest players and providers in school buildings & estates management.

With estates being the most visible asset of any school, The Buildings & Estates Zone will provide visitors with a wide range of suppliers that ensure efficient buildings, energy savings and innovative furniture solutions whilst also providing policy updates from the Education & Skills Funding Agency on Capital Funding.

Visitors to this zone will be able to take part in lively debates on the Hot Seat and hear presentations from leading education speakers.

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Expert Building and Estates Speakers at SAAS

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Building and Estates Sessions

All sessions related to Buildings & Estates are fully CPD certified.

Day 1 - November 13, 2019


    • 10:00 am
      How Modular is Posing Serious Competition against Traditional in Education
    • 10:50 am
      Session sponsored by Lancaster Maloney
    • 11:40 am
      Creating an Efficient School Estate: Releasing the Hidden Capital in Surplus Buildings and Land
    • 12:20 pm
      Building Capability: Managing your School Estate
    • 1:10 pm
      Session sponsored by AA Projects
    • 1:50 pm
      Building and Refurbishing Schools
    • 2:50 pm
      Public Benefit: Maximising School Estates for Every Child

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