Business & Finance Zone

The Business & Finance Zone is at the heart of the Schools & Academies Show and includes an exhibition area showcasing the largest suppliers of procurement services, business management solutions, consultancy, legal services, insurance, accountancy, budget management, project management and many more vital services to the day-to-day running of a school.

Within the Business & Finance Zone, you will find the Business & Finance Theatre, which will showcase leading suppliers, best-practice case studies and practical advice from leading associations such as ISBL alongside the Department for Education and Education & Skills Funding Agency.

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Expert Business and Finance Speakers

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Business and Finance Sessions

All of the Business and Finance related sessions at the Schools & Academies Show are fully CPD certified.

Business & Finance Sessions include:

Day 1 - November 13, 2019


    • 11:50 am
      Spotlight on: FUNDING – School Funding Inquiry: What Will Future Investment in Education Look Like?

    • 12:00 pm
      Aligning Financial Resources with your People Strategy to Deliver Educational Excellence

    • 10:10 am
      Master Competitive Agility
    • 10:40 am
      Tendering Outsourced Services – Procurement Hints & Tips
    • 11:20 am
      Growing Pains – A CFO’s Tips for Growing a MAT and Surviving
    • 12:00 pm
      Leading Excellent School Resource Management – A Panel
    • 1:00 pm
      School Budget Mastery: Curriculum Led Integrated Financial Planning
    • 2:40 pm
      How to Generate Income – Real Success Stories

Day 2 - November 14, 2019


    • 1:40 pm
      The Future of Funding for Maintained Schools and Colleges

    • 2:20 pm
      Case Study: Transforming Academy Finance in the Midst of Financial Difficulty

    • 10:10 am
      From Insight to Action: Using your ASP Data to Drive School Improvement Across your MAT
    • 10:50 am
      Freedom to Deliver Outstanding Education
    • 11:30 am
      How Challenging Life Experiences can make us Stronger
    • 12:20 pm
      Managing Change in Schools
    • 1:10 pm
      Negotiate your Way to a Better Deal
    • 1:50 pm
      Understanding School Funding
    • 2:40 pm
      School Budget Mastery: Curriculum Led Integrated Financial Planning

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Business and Finance News

Transforming Academy Finance

We sat down with Peter Wilson, CFO of Academy Transformation Trust, a large MAT based across the Midlands, the East and South-East of England to take a deep dive into the complex world of MAT finance.   ATT has had some big structural changes recently; how did you identify what improvements needed to be made? […]

school business professional

What can your school business professional do for you?

What can your school business professional do for you? The answer is no longer a simple one of just saving time and money. While these are obviously attractive benefits of the position for headteachers, the modern school business professional role goes further than this. In schools and trusts today, the school business professional has a […]

Building Financial Resilience

Building Financial Resilience in a Brave New World

Funding is one, if not the hottest topic in education right now so I am very much looking forward to my first opportunity to speak at the Show, in my new role as ASCL Business Leadership Specialist, about building financial resilience in the current climate. In light of the constant pressures faced by many in […]

It’s Teachers who Transform Life Chances

In the 20 years I have worked in the education sector as a teacher, head and now academy trust chief executive, I have advocated a range of approaches to raising standards and enhancing student attainment. Against a backdrop of ever tighter funding, it is increasingly clear that this also needs to be achieved while ensuring […]


“Judicium Education very much enjoyed Exhibiting and speaking at the Schools and Academies Show.
An excellent opportunity to engage with senior leaders, and promote discussion to better serve the education sector; as it’s needs develop and evolve.”

Alex Mehta
Judicium Education

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