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Wall Art

Our wall graphics help you communicate your school’s visions and values, impress visitors, inspire learning and add a wow factor to your school. Our bespoke design service ensures you achieve the exact result that you want and communicate the message that’s right for you. Let us help you create stimulating learning environments that will enthuse and engage your students.

Wand Education

Wand Education is a technology platform that supports primary and secondary school teachers by providing access to online content and learning support materials, automated marking and one-click reporting.

This improves learning in line with curriculum guidelines, engages students in an interactive way and makes their processes more efficient – allowing teachers to win back their evenings and weekends.

The platform is purpose-built, whilst being constantly developed and adapted to teachers’ needs.


Effective communication for the whole school community.

Weduc combines all aspects of school communication into an easy-to-use platform; bringing parents closer to the learning journey, no matter your size or structure.

Enable effortless teacher-parent communication via e-mail, sms, private social media and mobile app.

Weduc encourages targeted communication and makes seamless parental engagement possible in any educational establishment.

Wilkins Kennedy

Wilkins Kennedy has successfully worked with the academies sector for over 10 years and currently advises over 100 schools. Our dedicated team has vast background experience, enabling us to service our clients using a relevant and broad knowledge base.
Services include: audit, company secretarial, financial compliance, payroll, VAT and systems reviews .

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