National Funding Formula

Collaboration is King!

Greenshaw Learning Trust and Folio Education Trust are reaping significant financial and operational benefits from procurement collaboration Schools are facing increasing budgetary pressures and, with the continuing uncertainty surrounding the roll out of the National Funding Formula over the next three years, this burden is unlikely to ease. The need to identify new solutions to […]

online learning

Embedding edtech in your teaching practice

Nigel Smith, MD of Courses and Learning at FutureLearn, explains how teachers can bring online learning into the classroom Educators put great stock in learning, so the idea of continuous learning and professional development shouldn’t be a hard sell. ‘Live your brand’ as marketeers say. Yet while we’ve come a long way since chalk and […]

wellbeing of pupils

Making your classroom a picture of happiness

Brilliant Schools is a new subscription service helping staff, pupils and parents take charge of their own wellbeing A new wellbeing subscription service has been launched with the aim of tackling one of the biggest issues facing education today – mental ill health. Dubbed ‘Netflix for wellbeing’, Brilliant Schools is a wellbeing club that enables schools to ‘subscribe to […]

Ofsted assesses schools

Ofsted Moves the Goalposts

Today, we hear the news that Amanda Spielman has announced a “major shift” in how Ofsted assesses schools. If we are to believe the headlines, this is a big step for the education watchdog, moving away from a rigorous and restrictive focus on results to try and take in the curriculum and “the whole experience” […]


Why effective, accountable and ethical governance is essential

If there is a single part of our emerging education system that needs our urgent attention, it is governance. There is still much that is misunderstood about the differences between governing a local authority maintained school, governing a single academy trust and governing a multi-academy trust. The governing bodies of local authority maintained schools do […]

AI: Stop with the fear and embrace the opportunity of AI for Operations!

AI: Stop with the fear and embrace the opportunity of AI for Operations!

Aaron Richard Earl Boasman-Patel, Vice President AI & Customer Experience, TM Forum AI is undoubtedly going to have a profound affect not only on society but also on the way we do business. There has been a lot of scaremongering about how many jobs will be lost due to AI as well as how robots […]

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