2018 speakers included

Alex Grady
Education Development Officer
nasen (Confirmed)
Andreas Schleicher
Director for the Directorate of Education and Skills
OECD (Confirmed)
Lord Theodore Agnew
Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for the School System
Department of Education (Confirmed)
Mike Kane MP
Shadow Minister for Schools
Member of Parliament for Wythenshawe & Sale East (Confirmed)
Yong Zhao
Former Presidential Chair and Director
Institute for Global and Online Education in the College of Education, University of Oregon,
Global Chair
University of Bath (Confirmed)
Fiona Millar
Education Journalist
The Guardian (Confirmed)
Dominic Herrington
Interim National Schools Commissioner
Department for Education (Confirmed)
Jennifer Bexon-Smith
Former Regional Schools Commissioner,East Midlands & Humberside
Tudor Grange Academies Trust (Confirmed)
Leora Cruddas
Confederation of School Trusts (CST) (Confirmed)
Tony Mackay
Centre for Strategic Education (CSE) Melbourne (Confirmed)
Tom Goldman
Deputy Director, Funding Policy Unit
Department for Education (Confirmed)
Kirri Gooch
Google for Education, London Lead
Google (Confirmed)
Emma Knights OBE
Chief Executive
National Governance Association (NGA) (Confirmed)
Geoff Barton
General Secretary
ASCL (Confirmed)
Les Walton CBE
Association of Education Advisers (AoEA) (Confirmed)
Sue Shoveller
Deputy CEO
South Farnham Educational Trust (Confirmed)
Andy Wolfe
Deputy Chief Education Officer (Leadership Development)
Church of England (Confirmed)
Natasha Devon MBE
Former Government Mental Health Champion
Author and Campaigner (Confirmed)
The Rt Hon. David Laws
Former Minister of State for Schools and Executive Chairman
Education Policy Institute (EPI) (Confirmed)
Jon Andrews
Director, School System and Performance & Deputy Head of Research
EPI (Confirmed)
Lara Newman
LocatED (Confirmed)
Senior Representative
Education & Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) (Confirmed)
Cristina Bizzi
Head, Schools Commercial & SRO, Schools Buying Programme
Department for Education (Confirmed)
Debbie Clinton
Academy Transformation Trust (Confirmed)
Louise Ling
SEND Teaching School Director
LIFT Partnership (Confirmed)
Tom Clark CBE
GovNet Education Advisory Board (Confirmed)
Steph Coleman
National Account Manager
Simon Herne
Sales Manager
Alex Grady
Education Development Officer
Nasen (Confirmed)
Alison Clark-Wilson
Principal Research Associate, IoE
University College London (Confirmed)
Andy Mellor
NAHT (confirmed)
Kathryn Mitford
Vice-Chair of Trustees
Diverse Academies Learning Partnership (DALP) (Confirmed)
Dick Vasey
Two Counties MAT (Confirmed)
Russell Ewens
Funding Policy Unit
Department for Education (Confirmed)
Jo Bryce
Professor of Psychology & Director of the Cyberspace Research Unit
UCLAN (Confirmed)
Stephen Morales
Chief Executive
Institute of School Business Leadership (ISBL) (Confirmed)
Gary Alexander
Deputy Head
Renaissance Learning (Confirmed)
Ed Dorrell
Head of Content
Tes (Confirmed)
Gavin Monument
Better Financial Reporting Programme, Operational Finance, Operations Directorate
Department for Education (Confirmed)
Eamonn Whelan
Yearwood Education
Emma Perkin
Founder and Lead Consultant
The Constant Group
Ken Corish
Online Safety Director
South West Grid for Learning (SWGfL) (Confirmed)
Katie Paxton-Doggett
Governance Advisor and Author
Sue Atkins
Parenting Expert, Broadcaster, Speaker and Author
Jamie Callaghan
Assurance Manager, Provider Market Oversight Directorate
Education and Skills Funding Agency (Confirmed)
Gerard Dominguez Reig
Senior Researcher, Post-16 and Skills
Education Policy Institute (Confirmed)
Sarah Fedorcio
Head of Bid Based Funding
Department for Education (Confirmed)
Chris Dyson
Head Teacher
Parklands Primary (Confirmed)
Elaine Hammond
Assistant Director
EPM (Confirmed)
Michael Bell
Team Leader, Teacher Regulation, School Safeguarding and Safety Team, Early Years and Schools Group
Department for Education (Confirmed)
Emma Hollis
Executive Director
National Association for School-Based Teacher Trainers (NASBTT) (Confirmed)
Alison Watts
Chair, e-Safety Safeguarding Board, Children’s Services
Buckinghamshire County Council (Confirmed)
Andrew Simpson
Deputy COO
Oasis Community Learning (Confirmed)
Kevin Kibble
Chief Executive
NurtureUK (Confirmed)
Jonathan Bland
Head Teacher
The Stanway School (Confirmed)
Senior Representative
NGA (Confirmed)
Sheryl Cardwell
Lime Academy Trust and Zest Academy Trust
Richard Smith
Head of Consultancy
EPM (Confirmed)
Samantha Garner
Education Consultant
Scanning Pens (Confirmed)
David Gardener-Haig
Team Leader, High Needs Funding and Estimate Review
Education & Skills Funding Agency (Confirmed)
Nia Lonergan
Lead Account Manager, Workplace Wellbeing Services
Mind (Confirmed)
Andy Humphreys
Leader within the Data & Quality Assurance Unit
André Imich
SEN and Disability Professional Adviser
Department for Education (Confirmed)
Joan Binder
Chair of Trustees and Member of Govnet Advisory Board
Plume Academy Trust (Confirmed)
Mark Lehain
Parents and Teachers for Excellence (Confirmed)
Sue Reeve
Education & Skills Funding Agency (Confirmed)
Harry French
Ash Green School (Confirmed)
Simon Oxenham
Director of Resources
Southend High School for Boys,
ISBL (Confirmed)
Carl Fagan
Funding Policy Unit
Department for Education (Confirmed)
Graham Hancock
Finance Manager, Academies Financial Reporting Division
Department for Education (Confirmed)
Rachael Warwick
Executive Headteacher
Ridgeway Education Trust,
Vice President
ASCL (Confirmed)
Chris Hodgins
Head of Property Operations
Oasis Community Learning (Confirmed)
Robbie O’Driscoll
EPM (Confirmed)
Hayley Dunn
Business Leadership Specialist
ASCL (Confirmed)
Simon Shaw
Naace Mark and SRF Lead
Naace ,
Edable (Confirmed)
Paul Howells
Eteach and FEjobs (Confirmed)
Rachael Davies
Head of Capital Efficiency and Capability
Department for Education (Confirmed)
Will Jordan
Education Strategy Director
IRIS Education (Confirmed)
Tony Markowski
Founding Director
Yearwood Education (Confirmed)
Laurence Jones
Condition Data Collection Programme Manager
Department for Education (Confirmed)
Adrian Ball
Chief Operating Officer
Inspiration Trust (Confirmed)
Ashley Eastwood
Executive Principal
The Federation of Greenways Schools ,
Recruitment and Marketing Lead
The Learning in Harmony Trust (Confirmed)
Katie Newell
Head of Content and PR
Eteach and FEjobs (Confirmed)
Paul Jones
Assistant Head Teacher
Bohunt School Worthing (Confirmed)
Vincent Maiella
SENCO & Assistant Head
The Stanway School,
Strategic Lead for SEND
Sigma Multi-Academy Trust (Confirmed)
Tom Fellows
Senior Research Lead
National Governance Association (NGA) (Confirmed)
Emma Breckenridge
EES for Schools (Confirmed)
Priya Lakhani OBE
Founder and CEO
CENTURY Tech (Confirmed)
Rebecca Boomer-Clark
Director of Secondary
Ark (Confirmed)
Fabien Massonnet
Acting Assistant Headteacher (Teaching and Learning)
Bohunt School, Wokingham
Jennie Elliott
EPM (Confirmed)
Harry Organ
Partnership Governor
Prince Henry’s High School
Mike Giddings
Managing Director
MLG Education (Confirmed)
Kat Howard
Senior Education Consultant
RM Education (Confirmed)
Drew Hird
Head of Professional Services
Eric Wright Facilities Management (Confirmed)
Martin Holyoak
Education Product Specialist
PS Financials (Confirmed)
Ian Taylor
National leader of Curriculum
Academies Enterprise Trust (Confirmed)
Vince Jubb
CDC Communications and Stakeholder Lead
Department for Education (Confirmed)
Duncan Bennett
Managing Director
Notts Sport (Confirmed)
Rhianna Hamer
Stakeholder and Account Manager, Risk Protection Arrangement
Department for Education (Confirmed)
Rob Owens
Director of Finance and Operations
Rainhill High School (Confirmed)
Georgie Twin
Assistant Director
EPM (Confirmed)
Wayne Norrie
Greenwood Academies Trust (Confirmed)
Ben Slade
David Allen
School Business Manager Commercial Engagement Lead
Department for Education (Confirmed)
James Ogden
Area Director, West Midlands & South West
Ambition School Leadership (confirmed)
Peter Maloney
Lancaster Maloney (Confirmed)
Clare Collins MBE
Head of Consultancy
National Governance Association (NGA) (Confirmed)
Robert Schrimpff
Founder and CEO
Solar for Schools
David Knox
Apprenticeships Officer
Kent County Council (Confirmed)
Paul Aber
Head of Training Development
National Governance Association (NGA) (Confirmed)
Stuart Gardner
Thinking Schools Academy Trust (Confirmed)
Debbie Simmons
Head of Services for The Midlands and The North of England
Place2Be (Confirmed)
Debbie Alcock
Business Development Manager
Entrust (Confirmed)
Ken Bendle
Statutory Compliance Manager
Capita (Confirmed)
Sean Latham
Property Director
Entrust (Confirmed)
Carole Black
Assistant Head Teacher Student Development & Designated Safeguarding Lead
Dr Challoner's Grammar School (Confirmed)
Sonia Blandford
Founder and CEO
Achievement for All,
Professor of Education and Social Enterprise
UCL Institute of Education (Confirmed)
Paul Ducklin
Senior Technologist
Sophos (Confirmed)
Fernando Teixido-Infante
Intensive Interaction Practitioner and Coordinator
Cognus Limited(Confirmed),
Rebecca Duffus
Advisory Teacher for Autism
The Autism Service (Confirmed)