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Chris Dyson

Head Teacher
Parklands Primary (Confirmed)

I am the proud HT of Parklands Primary which is situated on one of Europe’s largest council estates in Seacroft, Leeds.

We are the most deprived Primary School in Leeds with 74% Pupil Premium. 4 years ago there were an unprecedented 150 exclusions, the LA had deemed the school ‘inadequate.’

Today, exclusions are zero, the school scored the highest Progress scores in Maths in the entire country and Ofsted deemed the school ‘Outstanding.’ Not bad given the demographics.

It is the same team that was seen as inadequate that gained this reward. Shouting was banned; music was played; coaching staff using a carrot as opposed to a stick ethos came into school and #wellbeing of staff and children became the number one driving force.

Parklands is now helping and sharing our practice with schools all over the country. We are in the envious position of bringing in over £300,000 a year in sponsorship and grants. This keeps class sizes at 17. We are now a National Support School and I myself am a National Leader of Education.

It has been the most wonderful journey that has a long way to run.

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    • 3:15 pm
      Building Bridges: Working with the Community to Improve Teaching Outcomes