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Jen Persson

Defend Digital Me

Jen is Director of defenddigitalme, and has led campaigns to change the handling of the 21 million children’s school records in the National Pupil Database, including to oppose the collection of nationality in schools and the continued use of school census data by the Home Office for immigration enforcement.

She recently completed a report for the Council of Europe Committee of Convention 108+, with recommendations on data protection and privacy for children in education. In 2018 defenddigitalme published The State of Data 2018 Report: Lessons for Policy Makers. A review of children’s privacy and data protection in state education in England, with a view to the UK Data Protection Bill and General Data Protection Regulation.

defenddigitalme is a call to action to protect children’s rights to privacy. We are teachers and parents who campaign for safe, fair and transparent data processing in education, in England, and beyond. We advocate for children’s data and digital rights, in response to concerns about increasingly invasive uses of children’s personal information by government, businesses and across the public sector. The campaign is funded by an annual grant from the Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust Ltd.

More information: http://defenddigitalme.com/

Agenda sessions

Day 2 - November 14, 2019


    • 2:40 pm
      Who Needs to be Told What? What Schools Need to Do to Meet their Duties on Data Protection and Privacy

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