Speaker profile

Sally Welch

Head of Frewen Prep School
Frewen College

Sally has been in specialist education for 18 years.  During this time she has developed a focus on dyslexia and has taught literacy and numeracy across the age ranges of 7 – 19 years old.  She has a particular interest in empowering pupils to meet their full potential by developing personal ‘learning toolkits’ which are individually tailored to each pupil.

Sally works at Frewen College, a school in Sussex for pupils with specific learning difficulties, where they believe that, with the right range of interventions, dyslexia should not be a barrier to pupils achieving their full potential.

As Head of Prep and as a member of the senior team at Frewen College, Sally has worked closely with a dynamic team to ensure that the latest technological developments benefit pupils both individually and as part of a whole school approach.  “The world we are preparing our pupils for is full of technology.  Every pupil should be able to utilise this to help support their specific learning difficulties, whether they have memory issues, organisational difficulties, developmental co-ordination disorder or dyslexia.  With the right school-based interventions and the correct package of technology, each and every one of our pupils should be able to realise their full potential both within school and beyond.”

Agenda sessions

Day 1 - November 13, 2019


    • 1:10 pm
      Case Study: Using Assistive Technology to Support Students with Specific Learning Difficulties

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